Rocker Girl

Hello lovely people,

it's Friday again and that means, yes, another outfit post. I am really happy to show you my second outfit I picked for you guys.
My dear friends Elisabeth was so kind to take photos for this post and I really love how they turned out. She chose the background and I think it's perfect, as it suits my red hair. Go visit her blog and her Facebook page, she is just so damn talented!!


As it's been rather feeling like spring in the last weeks I didn't choose to wear a warm jacket or coat for this outfit. It came out to be a combination of a normal black H&M vest and a denim cut-off from Disturbia. I really like this combination as it makes the rather boring vest a bit more exciting and wearable.
The leather-like trousers are also from H&M, I got them about a week ago. I love those trousers, firstly because of the fabric (it just rocks, don't you think?) and because they go up very high, which is a feature I quite like, as it looks more flattering I think than those really low-waisted trousers.
To add a little eye-catcher I wore my most favourite belt ever, it is just the best, the must-have item if you are a metalhead like me ;) I only realized afterwards, that on some photos I wore it a bit too low, sorry for that.

I hope you enjoyed today's outfit post. Let me know what you think :)


Anna Florentina

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