Fancy christmas makeup

Hello lovely people,

I am so sorry that I didn't upload anything for the rest of last week. I was sick most of the time and also didn't have any time to do another post.

Buuut this week there'll be the ordinary posts, fortunately. Today I did a fancy christmas look for you guys, which I am pretty excited about, as I did a technique, which I've never tried before and I am very happy how it turned out. If you want to know how I created this look, please keep on reading :)

I used:
-Kat von D, eye contour palette
-Naked 1 palette from Urban Decay
-NARS tinted moisturizer
-NARS concealer
-Kat von D everlasting liquid matte lipstick in "Vampira"
-some glitter from the 1 euro store :D

I started with my eyes, so I could wipe away the fallout afterwards without ruining the foundation.
First I put on my eye shadow primer by Urban Decay (upper and lower lid) and while it dried I filled in my brows. And now comes the new exciting part: I put cellar tape into the corners of my eyes, continuing the lower lash line up. This is to create a sharp edge in the corner of your eye makeup.
Then I put on a light beige colour (number 1) onto my whole lid up to the brow bone, also on the lower lash line. After that I worked an orange colour (number 2) into my crease and continuing with a brownish red colour (number 3) in the corner of my eyes, the crease and the inner corner. The important part is to blend all the colors in properly, so there are no harsh lines. To deepen the look even more I put a dark brown in the outer corner of my eyes and after that even a bit of black (number 4 and 5). Last but not least I put gold in the inner part of my lids (number 6) and put on some glitter with eye lash glue. After that I removed the tape and the eyes were finished :)

What do you think about the look? Do you like this technique?

Thank you for stopping by <3

Anna Florentina

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