New Year's Eve post- NEW YEAR 2016

Hello lovely people,

some of you might have seen it on Facebook or instagram already. My makeup (with a blister on my lip, sorry...) for today's celebrations of the New Year 2016, which is to come in just a couple of hours.
I am so overwhelmed already by the beautiful city of London, that I am exhausted and happy lying on the bed in our rented room. A part of me wants to chill here and stay cosy inside, but then I turn on some music and I am so motivated to go dancing. My boyfriend is lying beside me and is almost asleep. What should I do? I know I'll regret it if I don't go out and celebrate. To be honest, I don't want to be in those huge crowds this New Year's Eve, as I am scared by the recent events in Europe as it is already...don't even ask.

At the moment I am listening to Flume, Darius and Netsky, which always motivates me and puts me in a melancholy mood at the same time. It only depends on the situation where I am at. Tonight it's definitely a melancholy state of mind, I mean who can blame me. I am overwhelmed by my feelings as I said above...do you know the feeling of happiness and content that isn't far away from tears at all? Yeah, now we understand each other :D

A new year, new me, bla bla bla...I don't want to bore you with my ambitions for 2016. We all know it's not going to work out exactly as you wished it.
Right now I am just happy to be alive and grateful that I get to spend New Year's in London with my love. I am missing my friends and family, of course. I hope they are safe and having a great time, just like all of you out there.

Today I won't give you the details on my makeup look. Just the pictures. If you read my last outfit flatlay post and combine it with this one, you know which styling I chose. Tell me which colours you think I used for the look. I'd be curious if someone knows the brand, or just google it ;) I am not lazy to do this, just interested if someone reads until the end of this :D Details will come in the next few days, when I am recovered from my partying ;)

I wish you, your family, your loved ones, a Happy New Year, may you stay healthy, happy and strong for what life throws at you.
I want to end this with a reminder to everyone, which is very important to me these days...everyone who knows me, knows that I mean it.

Keep in mind what I already said on Facebook: 
PLEASE think of the people who got NO HOME this winter, people/children/women/men/pets who had to leave their home because of war, economic crisis' or just because life was unfair to them! Don't go wasting all your money on fireworks and alcohol, please. Be considerate and help others wherever you can!!! You wouldn't want to spend tomorrow or any other day in the freezing cold, with nowhere to go...
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Anna Florentina

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