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Hello lovely people,

I've waited for this day to come. I am excited to show you my first outfit post. My dear colleague was so kind to take awesome pictures of me and my outfit. Go check her out, she's great: www.somevelvetmorning.at
It was a really cool day actually, as the weather was awesome and we even got to a spot where there were loads of leaves lying on the ground. Perfect autumn day :)

I gave this outfit a lot of thought. As I mentioned before, I don't want my blog to be a copy of all the other blogs out there. I want to give it my own footprint and I want it to be authentic and individual. Yes, I do like some of the fashion trends that are around, but in my outfit posts I'd like to think a bit further. Forgive me if one day I don't recognize a piece as a trend :D

The first outfit features one of my most favourite piece of the last 2 weeks. A light turtleneck sweater, which says creep on it. I just love it, because I like the word, I like grunge and I like things scary.
The trousers have been my favourite to go out with recently, they just fit me perfectly.

I hope you guys liked my first outfit post and I am looking forward for all the ones to come!


Anna Florentina

Sweater: H&M
Hose: H&M
Kette: Geschenk
Weste: H&M
Schuhe: H&M

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