SPRING step by step makeup look

Hello lovely people,

I am back with a spring inspired makeup look, which will be different than my previous posts, because I will post step by step instructions, so you can really give it a try yourself at home. I would love to see how you created this look!

My foundation and brow routine will be up soon! So stay tuned!

First I am going to talk about the products I used for this look.

This time I didn't only use one palette, but mixed some colours from my new Urban Decay "Electric" palette, from my all time favourite "Vice 4 palette" which is also from Urban Decay and the "Naked (1)" palette also from them.

"Electric" palette -  "Savage"
"Vice 4" palette - "Harlot" & "Underhand"
"Naked" palette - "Virgin" & "Sin" & "Toasted"

NYX cosmetics, soft matte lip cream in "Istanbul"
MAC cosmetics, lip liner in "Subculture"

GENERAL INFO: - All three eye shadow palettes are purchasable in selected Marionnaud stores throughout Austria. In Vienna for example you can get Urban Decay products in the Marionnaud store at Stephansplatz in the first district. I would advise you to try out their products, I can highly recommend their products. Their eye shadows are really pigmented and blendable and their products are all cruelty free, which one can't say of MAC products...
Urban Decay have a really cool new lipstick line which you should really give a try. They are matte and feel really good on your lips. My favourite youtube Kristen Leanne did a review on them all, you can watch the video here:


You can get NYX products in some "Douglas" stores in Austria. I like NYX a lot, it is an affordable brand which has really good quality. If you can't afford "Urban Decay" products than totally check out this brand, it's awesome. You can also order their products (bigger selection) via amazon.


So then, let's get started:

VIRGIN from the "Naked" palette
"SIN" from the "Naked" palette
"Savage" from the "Electric" palette

"Harlot" from "Vice 4" palette
"Toasted" & "Underhand" from the "Naked" palette

Apply same colours parallel to above on the lower eye lid


Anna Florentina

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