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Hello my lovely people,

I am visiting Prague this weekend, because my boyfriend is doing a drum workshop here.
This was a good opportunity for me to join him and look around the city, that I adore a lot. I needed some time for myself, to plan some things, to quietly stroll around the beautiful city.
We are staying at the house of some friends of my boyfriend's parents, which is very convenient. They are really lovely people and welcomed us very nicely.
On Monday I will do a report about my trip to Prague, so stay tuned!

Today I will post a traveling outfit which I chose to wear for driving to Prague. It has gotten quite cold, so I chose warm clothes, which are also comfortable for sitting in the car for some hours.
Of course, I took the coat off in the car, but when we stopped somewhere or arrived in Prague I had to put it on, as it is already freezing in my opinion.
The coat I am wearing on the pictures is a gift from my mother and is from Liebeskind. I really love this coat, as you can wear it in autumn and in winter as well, you can simply take out the woollen insert in autumn and put it back in in winter, then you can stay really warm. It is very practical as well, as you can put a lot of things in the pockets and it is so big that you can wear thick pullovers under it. It's just perfect.
Other items: scarf is from H&M, trousers are from H&M, denim jacket is from H&M, a kind of "woollen" vest also from H&M, rucksack also from H&M and shoes are from United Colours of Benetton.

I hope you enjoy today's outfit post!


Anna Florentina

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