Christmas outfit

Hello lovely people,

I hope you all didn't have too much stress in the pre-christmas time. How did you spend it? What did you do to get in the christmas mood? Did you even get into the christmas mood? It was definitely not easy this year, as it was so warm as if it was spring. Today I took these outfit photos and when I took off my coat I wasn't even cold. I'm confused....is it really christmas?

My outfit features:

-dress from H&M
-coat from Camden Market in London
-shoes from amazon (Dr.Martens)
-tights from "Wolford"

How are you spending your christmas day? I am currently at the house of my grandmother watching christmas films with my cousin and sister. This is a kind of tradition for us, our families decorate the tree, which we mustn't see until the evening. So we leave the house to go to my granny's and watch some films to wait until the evening.
We will get Surf'n'Turf for dinner today. How great is that?

I wish you all a merry christmas!!!! <3 Thank you for stopping by and supporting my blog.

<3 <3 <3 <3

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