What saved my damaged hair

Hello lovely people,

today I want to talk about my hair dilemma this summer.
It seems I've had red hair since forever and about 2 years ago I decided to have ombre red hair. So the roots and lengths are a dark red and the tips yellow, almost blonde. I had that for a pretty long time until a year ago I wanted the roots to be a bit pink.
In June I wanted my ombre to go up even higher, so I bleached over my already bleached tips and higher. That was, of course, a big mistake. I shouldn't have bleached over the already blonde tips, it destroyed them completely.

The damage wasn't seen straight away, but not long after I bleached them, we made a trip to the USA. I thought, well it's best if I don't take a lot of luggage with me, as you aren't allowed to bring over 21 kilograms, I think. So I decided to only bring a cheap no-name shampoo with me, without thinking any further.

In America the weather was really hot and the air was extremely dry. My hair became damaged really quickly there, because of the air and because the water was so packed up with chlorine. I didn't have anything to treat them with, so they just got worse and worse. In supermarkets I tried to find the products I used at home, but they were mostly sold out or they didn't have them in the shop.

My hair hadn't been this bad for many years. The same problem occurred to me years back when I was a teenager and thought it was a good idea to go all blonde.
When I got older I thought I wouldn't make the same mistake again, but here I was with damaged lengths knowing I had to cut at least 10 centimeters off. I wanted to have long hair for so long, my hair didn't grow very fast and now everything was ruined. I lost so many of my hair and the ones that were left were extremely damaged.

When I got home I immediately tried to get in touch with my hairdresser and asked her what I could do now. And this was what saved my hair. She said I should buy the "Therapiste" series from Kérastase, which is for structure damaged hair and helps it with the reconstruction.

I started to use all of the products in the series, shampoo, care, masque and serum. Every time I washed my hair I used the shampoo and care, once a week the masque. The serum I used every second day.

Really quickly the hair that was left recovered and I was so relieved. Yes, I lost a lot of hair, but I was happy that the left ones where save for now. And now after almost 5 months my hair is almost as well as it was before and I couldn't be more thankful for finding out about these products.

I hope this post is helpful for some of you :)


Anna Florentina

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