Wild Child

Hello lovely people,

I'm sorry that I didn't post the outfit on Friday, but I was away for a few days and couldn't take any pictures until yesterday. I hope you forgive me.
About 4 days ago I got my new leather jacket in the mail. I've had one for years, which I really loved, but somehow I lost it about 2 years ago. I was so sad about it, because I love wearing leather jackets, they just look awesome. So finally I thought I had enough money saved to get a new one. I bought mine from Killstar and am soooo happy with it. It's not like a usual leather jacket, it's really heavy, has some round rivetings on them and big buckles over the sleeves. In my mind it looks pretty badass, what do you think?

On the day we took these pictures it was already extremely cold, but the leather jacket is really thick, so it warms you perfectly.
Under my leather jacket I wore a "Finntroll" band T-shirt, which I adore. My trousers are from a shop called "Rattlesnake" in Vienna. They are ripped and have a kind of tights cloth underneath the rip.
My shoes are from Topshop, I got them ages ago in Prague. They are pretty comfortable, although they have heels.

I hoped you enjoyed today's outfit post. Did you like it?


Anna Florentina

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