Prague winter outfit

Hello my lovely people,

as you probably already know, I was in Prague last weekend. It was lovely, I am a big advocate of the beautiful city, as it has a really stunning atmosphere and vibe to it. People are really nice and relaxed and the buildings and streets are so wonderful to look at. My mind was soothed by strolling through this overwhelming city....felt so good for sure.

It was already really cold when we went to Prague, so I wore a big coat (Liebeskind) with the wollen insert in it, one wollen black vest (H&M) and a long shirt, with a sparkly grey cross, under it (H&M). Christmas season has arrived, so I rummaged in my wardrobe to get out my christmassy black sparkly tights from "Wolford", which are just sooo comfortable and warm. Over those I wore thick warm winter socks, so my feet wouldn't get cold.
As it was raining most of the time I put on my black bonnet (H&M) and pulled up my hood from the big coat.
Shoes are from United colors of Benetton.

Hope you enjoy the outfit and had a good weekend yourself!


Anna Florentina

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