LONDON vibes

Hello lovely people,

this is part two of my London post series featuring an outfit I wore to walk through the city. The weather was quite mild compared to what it should have been at that time of the year. So I wore some tights, a casual dress, one of my favourite long black vests, a black winter coat, a warm and cosy black/green scarf and my new Doc Martens boots.

-dress from EMP
-tights, scarf, coat and vest from H&M
-boots from www.artandstyle.at 

For my makeup I used some shades from the Urban Decay's Vice 4 palette and 
Kat von Ds eyeliner in grey.
If you are interested in this look, just let me know and I'll do a separate post about it. 

London has many great spots to take pictures at, it was difficult to limit myself to a few. 
My favourite was the part where there were beautiful trees near the Grand Canal (Little Venice). 
The green colour of the grass and the moss on the tree trunks were so pretty, 
I fell in love with trees and those kinds of things all over again. 

I miss this city already :( 


Anna Florentina

Trees *-*

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